How not to be intimidated or offended by critical feedback

Many companies, especially the ones where it feels like you work with friends, have a problem with critical feedback. We don’t want to hurt each others feelings, we want everybody to feel comfortable – but we also want to reject the ideas that won’t stand our customers or our competitors.

How can we accomplish that?

There is a tool for that: Ritual Dissent.

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Improve your portfolio board with canvases

Having a portfolio board helps you to make the right and most valuable decisions with your product portfolio. But how do you know?

You can have a really basic version of a portfolio board with a kanban-like board and some sticky notes. When you portfolio grows, you need some more insight than a couple of words on a sticky note. And lucky us – we don’t have to reinvent the wheel: someone already made a template to gather all relevant information. Like whats the business model of that idea on the sticky note?

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Build your agile portfolio board in 3 easy steps

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